Folding 101

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Tips for File Folding

We get it. Laundry day can sometimes be a drag, and to make matters worse, you have to fold all of your laundry before putting it away. The trick is to employ techniques that simplify your life, and make the organizing of it all, less painful. Enter: File Folding. A great way to keep your items folded while also maintaining a birds eye view of everything in the drawer. This solves the problem of not knowing where you buried that tank top you loved 5 months ago and want to wear again.


When implementing this new folding technique, it's easy to get overwhelmed. We're here to help! Below, find our top folding techniques for some of the most popular items we get asked about:


Lay them on a flat surface. The backside of the pants should be facing outward. Tuck in the butt of the pants so that they form a uniform line. Fold the pants all the way in half, and then in half again. Depending on the depth of the drawer, we like to fold it one more time for a total of three times. When it comes to jeans, the third fold will depend on the drawer, but lighter fabric pants such as leggings almost always have three folds. You'll come to find that when you file fold your jeans into a drawer, you have the option to organize them by wash and size. This makes finding what you need A LOT easier versus just throwing them on a shelf. 


Lay the t-shirt down on a flat surface. Tuck both arms into the middle, bringing the sides of the shirt in with it as well. Make sure to never take the arms in past the neck of the shirt, meaning where the stitching begins for the neck of the t-shirt, the fold should end. Fold the t-shirt in half from the bottom hem, and then again. Place them in your drawer folded side up.


Lay the sweater down on a flat surface. (Are you sensing a trend here?) Fold the arms in, one at a time, being sure not to fold past the beginning of the neckline. Once you have folded one arm in, pull the sleeve back down towards the bottom of the sweater. Repeat on the other side. Doing this should give you a straight line, with the arms of the sweater almost stacked on top of each other. File fold the bottom up into the center and then fold the top down over your first fold.

Sports Bras

Lay the sports bra on a flat surface. Fold the bra in half, bringing the top of the straps to the bottom strap of the bra. File fold in from the right and left. Depending on the drawer, it's possible to fold one more time to have a tight, smaller end product. 

Women's Thongs

Lay the thong on a flat surface. Tuck the sides into the center. Fold the bottom of the thong up once so that it's folded in half, and then fold once more to have a straight line of fabric. 

Men's Underwear

Lay them down on a flat surface. Tuck the sides in to the center of the underwear. You can either fold them in half length wise, or file fold them bringing the top into the center and then folding the bottom upwards to meet in the middle. 

image by @everydaypursuits