Creating space to live life [in jeneral], more joyfully.

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Here’s what we know about you:

Your time is valuable and you never have enough of it. You’re overwhelmed with clutter and your long list of to-do’s. You’re drowning with so much stuff, you don’t even know where to begin.


We get it.

Just like we’ve helped thousands of people get their life in order, we can help you! Life in Jeneral is a lifestyle and organizing company that is passionate about creating systems uniquely tailored to meet our clients’ individual needs.


now Imagine…

Your life, simplified. Everything you love most in your life has a home. You have time and space for the things that matter most. You’re living your most joyful life.


At Life in Jeneral, we believe…

Creating space and owning less helps you live a more fulfilled life.

Surrounding yourself with only things that bring you joy is a priority.

A stress-free, healthy and happy lifestyle begins at home.

Aesthetics and functionality create beautiful spaces you can breathe in.

By purging distractions and decluttering, you elevate your lifestyle.

Maintaining a simplified, organized lifestyle is possible with the right systems in place. 

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 Meet Jen Robin

The Founder of Life in Jeneral
(Yes, the “J” is on purpose)

Jen has always loved organizing and creating systems.  As a celebrity executive assistant, she mastered the art of to-do lists, time management and efficient systems.  Coordinating more than 7 full home moves, as well as planning and managing the personal life of a very busy celebrity, Jen naturally developed and implemented systems to make each move run more smoothly than the last. 

In the process, she learned that it was more than organizing…it’s about transforming lives for the better.  After realizing the impact her systems had on an individual’s life, she was motivated to spread her knowledge and apply her systematic and soulful approach to clearing the stress and clutter from people’s lives.

Life in Jeneral was born in 2014 to fulfill this mission, and it’s been Jen’s dream job ever since.  She teaches her clients and followers that life is more than all the things we collect, store and pack away.  It’s about simplifying your stuff, keeping and organizing only the things you love, and living the best version of your life.   

The exhales of relief and huge smiles she gets to see daily is her reward because she knows she’s had a positive impact on someone’s life.  That’s why Life in Jeneral exists, and that’s how Jen and her team create joy.