“Life is about connection, not collection.”


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our custom packages were carefully crafted SO YOU CAN

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1 team member (4 hour min)

In-home project consultation


(4 hour minimum)

In-home organizing, team of 2


(4 hour minimum)

Each additional team member


a deeper look at what it’s like to be

Transformed by life in jeneral.

Life in Jeneral works closely with you to establish the most efficient and functional systems for your specific lifestyle.  We want your space to align with your dreams, goals and pursuits because we understand that transformation begins at home.  We believe that less really is more and can’t wait to guide you through our 6-Step “LIJ Process" so you can start living your life with more function, style and joy.

How it works…


Remove all contents.

Take each and every item out of the space you are organizing: all cabinets, drawers and shelves should be bare so you are starting with a blank slate!


Categorize & sort.

Group all like items together so you can see how many of each you have, and where you may need to fill in some gaps.

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Discard, donate, sell.

Discard expired items, donate those that can serve others, sell anything of value/in new condition


Add organizational systems.

Put most-used products within easy reach and use harder to reach areas for back stock and less reached-for inventory. Remember that containment and labeling are the keys to long term success.



Use bins and containers that fit your personal aesthetic. We love clear countertops but don’t hesitate to incorporate and display items that bring you joy.



Now that each item and category have a home you will always know where to return them when done with use.


But wait, there’s more!

Just as we believe in customizing your space, we also offer custom ways to work with us that fit within your time, availability and desires. Check out some of our newest services we think you’ll love below!

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