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When it comes to your office space, it's imperative to have a space that inspires you. Whether it be the artwork on your wall, or just a streamlined area with no clutter. Being able to walk into that space and have your mind come to life can be the difference between a good day and a bad one. In many cases, an extra room can be the perfect opportunity for an office and closet crossover (otherwise known as the 'cloffice.')

We had the pleasure of working with blogger Everyday Pursuits to bring her closet/office back to life! She has a hectic daily schedule that's never the same and because the moments she has to herself are far and few between, she has to capitalize on them. Her office was a source of anxiety because of the amount of clutter there was and without systems in place, it was hard for her to find a way to keep it clean. Enter, Life In Jeneral.

The final product

First order of business was making sure the items that find their home in this room actually belong there. If space is limited, be ruthless in making sure every inch of space is being used for the right items. Next, discern what type of storage will best suit your set up. In this case, we had a skinny closet, a set of drawers, a tiered ladder and a cute clothing rack from Urban Outfitters. (Sadly, this one is old, but Ashley put together a few picks that are similar here!) For the closet, we decided this ELFA system from The Container Store would be a perfect fit. We created designated drawers for boxes, product, giveaways, electronics, and more giving Ashley a foolproof system to keep her office in check. The tiered ladder offers a chance for storage, but because it's exposed, it's nice to be able to keep it looking like a mix of decor as well. We added this acrylic serving tray to one of the shelves to be able to house all of her sunnies! 

The perfect mix of storage and decor

The perfect mix of storage and decor


There were a lot of different areas being used for clothing, so we decided to condense everything into a couple of drawers, the closet and a clothing rack. The clothing rack would strictly be for weekly wardrobe inspiration and purses. We used these acrylic purse hangers to hang them nicely. With a vast collection of bathing suits (90+.. we counted) and a Summer PACKED with beach trips, it was clear that a system was needed to keep these beauties in check. Enter: File Folding. We broke it up into one-pieces and two-pieces and then organized by color. A swim collection to rival them all, no?


Ashley had a lot of jewelry that needed a home. The great thing about jewelry is that it looks good when it's on and it also looks good when it's off. Another #winwin. We decided to use a few jewelry organizing items such as this acrylic earring holder and an already existing shadow box. Don't be afraid to think outside the box. Take a page from Ashley's book and grab a themed serving tray and lay out a few pieces of your jewelry that you wear often next to your favorite candle and a plant. Not everything needs to be tucked away - let these items SHINE!


Like any other area in your home, have fun organizing and designing it. Keep things that make you smile and toss things that you can do without. Don't overcomplicate the process and stress yourself out. In the end, less is always more and the goal is to have a space your proud of. If you're redoing your 'cloffice' anytime soon, shop the items in this post below! Happy organizing!

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