Change your Kitchen Flow with these 5 Tips


A kitchen is much more than a place that breakfast, lunch and dinner get made. It’s a place to enjoy your family and friends, to connect over food, or just enjoy the quiet time in the morning with a cup of coffee.

With that, you should feel good in this space and that starts with incorporating systems that make you feel organized and in control. We’ll be sharing 5 of our top tips to change your kitchen flow and have you on your way to making more memories in your kitchen in no time!

5 Tips for Better Kitchen Flow - Love, Us Photography | Photos by Jess Koehler

5 Tips for Better Kitchen Flow - Love, Us Photography | Photos by Jess Koehler


1. Decantment

When it comes to streamlining your organizational process, sometimes the last thing that comes into play is how to make it look the MOST aesthetically pleasing. After all, any type of organizing is going to be an upgrade to what you are working with. One tip that is bound to create an entirely different look, but also an entirely different FEEL is decantment. We still haven’t figured out if ‘decanting’ can be used as a verb, but here at Life in Jeneral, it’s part of the process, so we deemed the word useful for ourselves! First off, choose containers that you like. Glass mason jars, airtight containers, whatever your heart desires. Add a label describing what’s inside, write the expiration date on the bottom, and if there are any tricky directions for how to cook whatever’s inside, then cut them out and paste it on the jar!

2. Shelf risers

Has added space ever been a bad thing? Not in our line of business! When dealing with a large shelf, it’s easy for things to get lost in the shuffle. Cans get hidden in the back, things go bad because they’ve been forgotten, etc. The solution to this problem is shelf risers! Items that are put in the back are now lifted to be in full view and you’re able to use up more of that wasted vertical space! We’re big fans of a one-two punch organizing item and this one fits the bill.

3. Lazy Susans

A must for every pantry we work in! No more reaching to the back and knocking everything over in the process. One flick of this game-changing organizer and you have what you need right in front of you. There are so many different kinds to choose from. Grab a sectional one to arrange all of your baking toppings in (sprinkles, chocolate chips) or one with multiple levels to it!

4. Spice Rack Makeovers

This trick would impress even the most experienced chefs/cooks! With so many different kinds of spices, it’s easy for them to be hard to keep track of. Grab a uniform spice rack from The Container Store, alphabetize your spices and transform the look and feel of your kitchen in an instant! We use the Craftsmart Pen from Michael’s to write out the labels and expiration dates, but feel free to use a label maker if that makes more sense for you!

5. Baskets + clear containers for pantry

The fast track solution to adding more space, containment and ease to your kitchen. In the end, you’ll have a uniform look, you’ll be able to keep all your snacks in one place (hello, goldfish and beef jerky!) and you’ll have more space! We like the idea of adding see-through containers for things you need to be able to see, and weave baskets for bagged items. Have deep shelving? There are plenty of baskets that are longer in the back for you to be able to utilize all of that space! Pull it out, grab what you need and place it back where it was. Too many times, we have frustrated clients because items tend to get disorganized quickly without a true home. Implementing baskets and clear containers solves that problem!


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