Q & A: Volume 1


Welcome to Q & A: Volume 1. Did you know we do Q + A's often on Instagram Stories? In case you missed 'em, we’re also going to make sure we hit the most frequently asked questions every month on the Life In Jeneral Blog. Keep those questions coming! 

Q: What is the best way to organize a linen closet?

A: Containment! We use canvas storage boxes for sheet sets from The Container Store. Tri-fold all your towels the same way for a uniform look. Any smaller items put in a bin as well, and label!


Q: What do you suggest for a bathroom that has only one drawer and under the sink storage?

A: Use stacking bins to maximize space under the sink. Or get cost effective cabinet solution for your bathroom. The over-the-door Elfa rack is great, too!

Q: What are some organizational ideas for pens and other office items used every day for a desk that doesn't have drawers?

A: We love the Poppin' Desktop Collection from The Container Store. Whatever you decide, just make sure it's all uniform!

Q: How do you organize really deep drawers? My bathroom drawers are so deep it feels like i'm wasting so much space.

A: We recommend deep drawer dividers (puzzle piece the drawer until it's filled) or expandable tension dividers.

Q: What is the best way to organize undergarments, bras specifically? 

A: Undies - file fold and color code. See our folding tutorial highlight on our Instagram! Bras - don't twist the cups. If you have the drawer space, nest them in a row by color.

Q: I have a tiny room with a small closet. The design of the closet only allows me access to one side of it. What's the best way to organize it? 

A: If you're not going to renovate, put seasonal items or special occasion clothing on the sides since you're not accessing them a lot. If you're able to tear down those walls, have at it! We love the Elfa shelving system from The Container Store because the shelves are adjustable and can be changed over time!

Q: Why do books get organized by color and not subject? 

A: It's preference. We ask the client first. For kids, color works best and makes for easy cleanup after playtime. #winwin


Q: I'm having trouble organizing and containing my daughter's toys with tiny parts. Any tips?

A: Keep it simple! Get shoeboxes in various sizes (mini to men's sizes) and label what's inside.

Q: My husband is hesitant to file fold his clothes. He feels like their size will make them take up too much space in the drawers/shelves for it to be beneficial. Do you find it works well for men's clothing?

A: We haven't had issues with this! However, he can add an extra fold when file folding into his drawer! Or - Use stacking sweater bins as an alternative solution on shelves.

Q: I need to pack for a move to a smaller space and i'm having trouble making the decision of how much stuff/clothes/decor a human really needs. How do I contain myself but still keep dumb things I enjoy looking at?

A: It may sound cheesy, but only pack things that spark joy. What will make you smile in your new place? How much storage do you realistically have? Also know that whatever you donate is going to a great home. 


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