Q & A: Volume 2


Welcome to Q & A: Volume 2. Did you know we do Q + A's often on Instagram Stories? In case you missed 'em, we’re also going to make sure we hit the most frequently asked questions every month on the Life In Jeneral Blog. Keep those questions coming! 

Q: What is the best way to organize a DVD collection?

A: We’re big fans of getting rid of all of the sleeves that hold the DVDs. They take up so much space and aren’t much of a benefit to you. We love this DVD organizer because it has an index that let’s you easily find what you’re looking for.. not to mention it’s beautiful. What to do with the DVD cases? Recycle them!


Q: What’s the best way to store my child’s artwork? There’s so much but I can’t bring myself to get rid of it.

A: We understand it’s hard to part with the artwork that your child creates because it is so special. We cannot recommend Artkive enough. They send you a box for you to fill to the brim with all the drawings and creations you have and then you send it back to them. They take professional pictures of it all and create a stunning book for you and your kid’s to enjoy forever. Use code ‘LifeInJeneral’ for $15 off your purchase. [The code doesn’t expire!]

Q: What’s the best way to store reusable bags?

A: We like to file fold them into a structured bin, like this one. We suggest categorizing them if you use them for specific reasons.

Q: How do I keep my tupperware under control? I’m always losing covers or can’t find the bottom.

A: This is one of our most asked questions. The struggle is real when it comes to tupperware and can seem like a lifelong battle. Incorporate an organizing system! We love this Mesh Food Storage Organizer. Go through and purge the bottoms and tops that don’t have matches and start fresh! This organizer will help you keep everything contained.

Q: What is the best way to organize legos?

A: We’re partial to color coordination. Something like this package and insert is perfect to keep them contained and together. When putting them away, your child will be able to identify where they live because of their color!

Q: I keep my luggage in the garage and am looking for a way to keep the dust away. Any suggestions?

A: A luggage protective bag is perfect for this! They can also be used during travel, in the case you don’t want scuff marks on your luggage. Amazon has a lot of options and sizes.

Q: Do you have any tips for folding bigger clothing? I wear an 3xl in shirts and they don’t go in as nicely as clothes with less fabric.

A: Fold your tees like we recommend in our folding highlight, but at the end, give it an extra fold left to right (width) and file it in your drawer that way.


Q: The drawer organizers in my kitchen keep sliding around and I’m not sure how to fix the problem. Any suggestions?

A: Of course! We like to line the drawer with liners like these to keep the organizers from sliding around. If that isn’t the vibe you’re going for, we suggest museum gel that you can stick on the bottom of them. Comes right off when it comes time!

Q: Do you have any tips for storage of huge bulky bedding in a tiny space?

A: Two words: Compression. Bags. Your new best friend.

Q: We’re moving into a new home and I want to organize the kitchen before even unpacking. What are some of the most important organizational tips to pay attention to?

A: Congratulations! First, figure out what you want to go into drawers vs. shelves. Add in drawer dividers or organizers to give you more containment within them. Consider the flow of your kitchen and where things should be stored in order for you to function at your best! Allocate storage and keep it for just that.


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