Small Closet? Make the most of your space with these 5 tips!


Closet real estate woes are REAL, especially when you’re renting a space and there’s not much you can do about changing it. When it comes to buying a home, closet space is at the top of the list for most of our clients and we completely understand why. If you deal with a small closet and are unsure how to make the most of the space, we’re sharing our top 5 tips to make it feel like an oasis instead of a stress inducing square. (Editors note: The oasis feeling is not guaranteed, but you’re going to be better off if you follow the below tips.)

Make the most of your small closet with these 5 tips

Make the most of your small closet with these 5 tips

  1. PURGE

    It wouldn’t be right if this weren’t our first tip, for anything really. Chances are, there are a few things you’re holding on to that don’t serve you anymore. When space is limited, every item, piece of clothing, accessory etc. has to play a BIG role in your life. That sweater you’ve been waiting for to come back on trend.. stop trying to make fetch happen! It’s never going to happen! In all seriousness, adopt the 6 month rule. Keep track of the items you haven’t worn in a while and if 6 months go by, prepare to say goodbye.

  2. Add storage under clothes

    Use up every bit of room in that closet of yours! Try and make space for shelving, drawers or stackable bins. If you have clothes that hang all the way to the floor, organize them by type and then move them to the other side of your closet. This way, you can hang all of the short hanging clothes above any added storage.

  3. Utilize shelving or shelf risers

    Shelving can be a closet game changer. Whether you can add it, or change the way you’re utilizing it, this can free up a lot of space and consequently add more storage. If you have shelving within your closet, grab a few baskets or stacking sweater bins and utilize the vertical storage. If you don’t currently have shelving, where can it be added? Behind or above your hanging rod? On your door? Any place where there is a blank wall is the equivalent to a blank canvas

  4. Create more hanging space

    Adding another hanging rod or a few hooks can offer you so much by way of doubling your storage space. Stagger your rods to keep hangers from tangling up in each other. When adding hooks, get creative about what to hang from them. (Bonus tip: Switch to velvet hangers if you haven’t already. Bulky hangers = less space)

  5. Utilize closet doors

    Whether it’s hanging storage, or storage you can screw into the door, this is prime real estate often overlooked. We love the Elfa Over The Door storage as you can switch up where you hang the baskets. Looking for something less permanent? This over the door hanging shoe compartment can be used for much more than just shoes. Label accordingly, and voila! Plenty of pockets to store as you please.

We hope these tips help. If your small space dilemma can’t be solved with the above tips, we’d love to hear from you! Our goal is to help you feel more organized through watching our work and sharing what we do best!

image by @everydaypursuits