5 Habits for an Always Organized Bathroom


For most people, your day can start and end in the bathroom. From a young age, we’re taught to wake up, wash our face and brush our teeth. By now, you’ve created a routine unique to you, whether purposefully or not. Whether you’re having a rushed morning, or creating an ambiance for a relaxing pre-bedtime routine, an organized bathroom is an all around positive goal. Read on for 5 tips on how to keep your bathroom organized. Always.

How to Organize your Bathroom with Life in Jeneral

How to Organize your Bathroom with Life in Jeneral


Categorize, then organize

There are more beauty and grooming products on the market today than ever before. This likely means you have a couple (or more) steps to your routine. Consider this: Brushing your teeth, washing your face, putting on product, shaving, plucking.. the list goes on. These items need to be in a place where you can go from one step to the other with ease. Time to go through the LIJ process of taking everything out, purging what you don’t need (goodbye face cream from 2013), categorizing (face, body, mouth etc.) and then organizing. What is your flow when it comes to your routine? Do you wash your face before you brush your teeth? Look at your storage as a puzzle piece and put these items where it makes sense for you.

Put it back!

When you find a home for your face wash and lotions, keep them there. Once your done with that step in your routine, put it back. All too often, you can get caught up in getting ready for an event or for work, only to finish and realize a tornado has torn through your bathroom. When you’re done, put it back - this is key to the always part of an organized bathroom.

Clean in a snap

Keep the cleaning products that are meant for the bathroom IN the bathroom. Create space for them out of sight, like under the sink in these Like-It Bricks from Container Store. If you have glass doors for your shower, add a squeegee to your shower caddy to remind you of it every time your done with your shower. Having these products on hand makes for cleaning an easy thing to remember.

Bathroom drawer dividers for makeup organization

Bathroom drawer dividers for makeup organization


Containment is key

It’s easy for medicine cabinets and under the sink storage to become crowded. Add in more than one person, and it becomes a battle to keep everything organized. Containment is your best friend in this scenario. (In our opinion, containment is your best friend in every scenario..) Add acrylic drawers to your under the sink storage to keep all of your serums and lotions in one place, with your nail polish and polish remover in another. Create a home for your shaving kit, whether it’s in a small travel back or an acrylic tray on the counter top. Gone are they days where you have to rifle through everything under it’s all tumbled over, only to give up and organize it later. The time has come to walk away from you bathroom with a smile on your face, because there’s nothing left for you to organize. Feel that? It’s a sigh of relief. :)

It’s all in the details

Now that you’re organized, treat yourself to the extra details. It’s important for the spaces in your home to elicit how you want to feel. In the bathroom, sometimes it can feel like a safe haven. A quiet space away from the kids or a bath time oasis after a long day. Capitalize on these feelings for your every day routine! Add eucalyptus plant just under your shower-head to have a great smelling shower (tip courtesy of our client @LeeFromAmerica). Hang art work, or shelving to hold candles. Put down a cozy rug that hugs your feet as soon as you step on it. The little things go a long way when it comes to adding a spark of happiness to these otherwise mundane (DAILY) routines. Pay attention to them.

While it is odd to think about, the bathroom is one of the rooms we spend a lot of time in during the week. Instead of allowing this space to add stress to your daily life, take the necessary steps to ensure it adds joy! An ‘always organized’ bathroom has a nice ring to it, if you ask us. Let us know what tips you incorporate in your bathroom and how they help your routine.