Back to School Organizing

back to school organizing

First of all, let’s all collectively give you a round of applause - yes, you! You just survived a hot Summer with a child and as much as people would like to think this season means BBQ’s and cocktails, it also means seasonal sports, hectic schedules, graduation parties, sleepovers and (fun) chaos. While you may be looking forward to having a more concrete schedule in place once the school year starts with excitement (or dread), it’s also important to look back on your memories and cherish them for what they were.

Now that we’ve taken a moment to enjoy, let’s get down to business… Having a back to school season routine in place is going to make your life a lot easier and less stressful. It can be emotional, hectic, and draining with all of the emotions and moving parts involved. Why not set yourself up to enjoy the highs and be prepared (as possible) for the roadblocks? Below we’re sharing 5 back to school organizing tips to help you create a back to school routine so that you and your little ones can enjoy this exciting transition!


We love a turn of season purge. It’s time to put away some clothes to make way for the ones that your little ones are actually going to wear on a weekly/monthly basis. If there were shorts, shirts, jackets etc. that didn’t see the sun this Summer, we suggest donating them. Anything that didn’t make it through the season without grass, mud or popsicle stains need to be recycled as well. By organizing their clothes into storage, you’ll be happy to have purged beforehand because when you take them back out for next Summer, the right wardrobe will be ready to go. Keep in mind, your kid is growing like a weed, so come next year, they may not even fit into a lot of it.

You’ve now made room for their Fall wardrobe to thrive. #LIJTip: Designate an area to lay an outfit out the night before. Add this to your nightly routine and have more time to sip on your coffee in the morning.

Homework Zone

If there is one constant other than post school hunger, homework is it. It’s easy for homework to fly under the radar because with it out of sight, it’s out of mind. Set up a space in your home where your kids can drop their homework assignments to be completed before the following day. It’ll keep you in the know of what they’re learning, help to feel involved in their school life, and ensure that it. gets. done! We suggest adding an acrylic tray to the entry way table or a mail organizer to the office desk.

Meal Prep

New school year, new meal prep! Prepping lunches is time consuming and can sometimes be a cause of stress if they’re not planned out. Don’t do that to yourself! By incorporating meal prep into your routine, you not only tackle lunches head on, but it’s a great way to get your kids involved. They can get all of the ingredients out while you start to put everything together. In goes their packed lunches to the fridge and out goes the need to think about it any longer. Lunch boxes are the perfect way to keep everything contained and give your little one the character they want!

Tip: Create a lunch zone in your pantry. Label a few bins that are designated for kids lunches. This allows the lunch-making to be easy and the kids can help! We love using the Elfa over the door organizer to use as designated lunch zone ( if your pantry has a door). This allows you to put lunch boxes and all lunch snacks in one area.

Joint Calendar

With the school year in full force, it’s easy for schedules to get tangled. There are a lot of moving parts in your own life - add in a child and a significant other and things can get out of hand quickly. Having a joint calendar, like this Wall Organizing Center, will help you cross reference where everyone will be and keep you from potential forgetting parents night or an important meeting. An organized calendar is an organized life!


When you’re in the thick of things, it’s hard to express gratitude for all that we have because at the moment, they could be causing stress. The back to school shopping, new introductions, early mornings etc. can sometimes be a drag but the excitement of a new year, new friends, and new opportunities far outweigh that. Adding a bit of gratitude to your routine is going to give you a welcome boost while also helping to teach your kids that there’s always something to be grateful for or something to look forward to.