The Game-Changing Wall Organization Center Every Home (and Office) Needs

As a company that thrives on the success of our clients, we’re always looking for new ways to help ease the transition into their newly organized lives. We had the pleasure of working with Erin Condren and her team and learned all about the Wall Organization Center and, brace yourselves, it’s a game-changer.

erin condren wall organization center

Imagine having a space in your home that held all the answers: where soccer practice is and at what time, what chores have been done for the day, and even words of affirmation to peek at while you sip your coffee. The Wall Organization Center is just that: an organizer’s dream filled with ways (and inspiration) to help you solve the many questions you may have on a daily basis.

This Wall Organization Center can be customized in so many different ways: hourly schedule, weekly schedule, monthly schedule (are you seeing a trend here?), or a chore checklist, habit tracker, and more. It can be turned into a simple whiteboard or hold all of your most precious memories like photos, motivational notes and quotes, and important reminders. All of these can be personalized in a way that works best for you; but wait, it gets better: it also has slide-on accessories. We’re suckers for a #winwin and with knob key holders, pencil cups, magnet or cork strip for elevated practicality, this is truly going to be the organization center of your household.

erin condren wall organization center

The Wall Organization Center separates itself from other generic organizing systems because it’s personalized and it works for and with you. You’ll find that you’re hitting more of your goals, stressing less and enjoying life more. Really, it’s that good.

Once you start using it, you may be tempted to get more than one, but if you’re looking to switch it up, then just use the interchangeable inserts. These help you create a whole new organizer, every time. That means you can switch from an hourly schedule to a weekly or monthly schedule without replacing your entire Wall Organization Center; just slide out the hourly board insert & slide a weekly or monthly one in its place. 

The interchangeable boards truly expand your organization options, and there are so many to choose from, giving you and everyone in your household flexible organization options from listing to-dos to planning out meals to displaying multiple schedules to dividing household chores and more.

life in jeneral wall organization center

So, are you the right person for the Wall Organization Center? Truthfully, we think anyone and everyone can benefit from something that is so streamlined and focused on helping you better your life. Whether you’re using it to keep track of your running to-do list or to help organize all the papers lying around in your home, it helps you to create a system. By creating a system, you’ll inevitably cut down on those moments where you look around and wonder how everything got so cluttered. It’s what we set all of our clients up with when we go into their homes. When a system works in your favor, you’re 100% more likely to continue using it. 

We’re always talking about taking advantage of your vertical space, and there’s no better way to do that than to add something that also helps organize your life. Choose your layout, color and design and enjoy the freedom to create the perfect organizational system that is easy, effective and, most importantly, fun!