Client Spotlight: Gray Malin

Gray Malin is well known for his stunning photography and his eye for color. His photos transport you to coastlines all over the world, lined with brightly hued (and perfectly put) umbrellas right by the sea. With a business in high demand, it’s easy for organizing to be a little lower on the priority list. The Life In Jeneral team came in to help set up systems, get each department set up for success and help the Gray Malin team be set up for (even more) success! Read on for some of the key things we helped with.

Gray Malin Studio

Showed each department some love

The GM studio houses product, storage, shipping and 10+ employees. That leaves a lot of room for things to get piled up. We worked one-on-one with each department to see what specific needs they needed instead of tackling the office as a whole. This ensured that systems were put into place that benefitted the specific department and helped merge each one together where necessary. Whether you’re organizing your home or the team office, there are different ways to go about it. Consider what’s best for the team and then go from there!

Backstock works everywhere

Each employee has a specific purpose within the GM team, so it was only natural for them each to have their own backstock area, instead of going to one large overarching one. By breaking up the product this way, less of it gets lost in the shuffle and each employee is able to do their job with less obstacles. In the same way that regular product is organized in your home, backstock is better kept (and used/remembered) when it’s organized as well.

Easier processes make for happier customers

Their offices send out inventory every single week. That is a lot of shipments. Without a concrete system in place, it can make the process more convoluted and difficult. After creating a space for inventory, we helped to create a shipping area so the team can easily and more efficiently ship out orders. These systems will help staff to handle the hundreds of orders coming in with less room for error. The entire mission of a more organized office has the added benefit of happier customers.

We tackled the conference room (which also acts as the inventory room) and the shipping area. Each room needed a bit of a refresh and the implementation of new systems. With the help of the Gray Malin team, the end result is almost (okay, not really) as beautiful as the photos he takes!

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