Client Spotlight: Thrive Causemetics Founder, Karissa Bodnar

As the owner of a luxury and mission driven makeup company, Karissa knows her way around plenty of beauty product. When it comes to being at home, she wanted a space where she didn’t have to worry about clutter, while also keeping herself organized on her own. Find out how we turned her new home from a storage space for makeup into a welcoming home for her employees and friends alike. Just wait ’til you see her closet!


Systems that work for everyone

Karissa wanted a focus on systems that would allow her to focus on her business and would work with her, her partner and her employees. With no space in her home left untouched, we helped to put together organization that worked for everyone. This helped keep her mind off needing to organize clutter, giving her more time to focus on living and thriving in her business.


Color coordination on another level

You know we’re fans of color coordinating. It’s visually appealing and helps as an easy way to maintain organization. Karissa is a big fan of teal and her closet is no exception. Teal is a color that is very on brand with her company, and so we wanted to capitalize on using this color to our advantage. Enter color coordination like you’ve never seen. While this makes her closet absolutely stunning, it also helps her see where everything is and more importantly, where to put everything back.


Where height matters

We cater to every aspect of our clients lives, including your height! Whether you’re the tallest person in the room or not able to reach the top shelf, we take this into consideration when organizing your home to give you the best access to your things, in the best way. With Karissa being shorter than some spaces in her home, we put things in places where she’d be able to access them comfortably.

Systems that appeal to everyone in her life, color coordination and height focused organization helped bring her home to life in a way that helps her thrive. Take a look at her business that thrives on helping the masses feel beautiful and live better at

Organization time: Completed in 3 days with 4-6 organizers.