Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist - Life In Jeneral

Spring Cleaning Checklist - Life In Jeneral

The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and Spring is here! There is no better time to do a home cleanup than when the seasons change. The great thing about Springtime is you can open the doors, put away your heavy coats and enjoy the energized feeling that this season brings. Follow our Spring Cleaning Checklist to make the most out of your clean up. We’ve broken the process up into a step-by-step, 4 weeks period but make your own pace. Print the checklist and cross off your finished tasks as you go! 

Week 1 - Kitchen

Kitchen Checklist

Kitchen Checklist

Week 1 starts in the heart of home and is important to keep clean. A deep clean is great for every area of the home, but you’d be surprised what gets missed in the day-to-day cleanups in the kitchen. Clear up your counter space from things that are no longer sparking joy for you. If mail is something that piles up in this area, sort through and then create a system to stop this from happening again. 

Once your countertops are clear, it’s time to sanitize. Wipe down every surface, clean out the fridge and inside the microwave. 

Check expiration dates on everything living inside your fridge - if you haven’t touched something for over two months but it’s still good, ask yourself if you really want it taking up precious space inside your fridge. 

Working from top to bottom, the last thing you should do is clean the floor and wipe down the baseboards. Sweep first and then mop, so that you don’t get your mop muddled with all of the debris on the floor. 

Step back and admire your work! A clean kitchen is a great feeling and sets the tone for a happy home. Whether you enjoy take out or meal prep, everyone benefits from a clean kitchen. 

Week 2 - Bedroom

Bedroom Checklist

Bedroom Checklist

We spend almost half of our lives sleeping. With that in mind, it’s crazy to think about the amount of time we spend in our bedrooms aside from sleeping. Make this room your oasis and create a safe haven for you to relax in. Part of making that happen is keeping it clean and having systems in place that help you do that with ease. 

Start with your clothes. We suggest doing a big Springtime purge before starting the deep clean process, but to each their own! File-fold the clothing in your drawers and color-code your hanging items. 

While you’re going through and freshening up your clothes space, throw your bed linens and pillows in the washer. By the end of your organizing, you’ll have fresh sheets to throw back on the bed.. is there anything better than jumping into a freshly made bed?

Attack dust ridden places like ceiling fans and all of your furniture surfaces. Don’t forget your baseboards!

Lastly, vacuum your carpet floors or mop your hardwood floors.

Sleep soundly knowing you’ll wake up to a clutter-free, clean room in the morning. 

Week 3 - Living Areas

Living Areas Checklist

Living Areas Checklist

Living areas are designed to bring people together. Whether you’re hosting a weekly TV watching party, or simply cuddling up on the couch with a book, these areas are meant to be inviting. This clean up will bring this area back to homeostasis. 

If your couch has cushion covers, remove them and throw them in the wash. Add blankets while you’re at it, maybe with a couple scent boosters for that fresh, just out of the wash smell.

Remove your cushions from the couch and vacuum underneath them. We all know the feeling of finding ‘things’ from weeks earlier. No remote is safe.

Dust all of the surfaces and objects; coffee tables, shelving, TV stands, plants etc. While we’re on the subject of plants, water them! Add this to your weekly routine. 

Sanitize all of your electronic devices, especially the remote control, which is a germ hub.

Lastly, clean your baseboards and floors.

Light a candle, grab a freshly washed blanket and take a seat to admire your work.

Week 4 - Bathroom

Bathroom Checklist

Bathroom Checklist

The bathroom helps keep us clean, but we don’t always keep the space itself as clean as we should. With all the teeth brushing and getting ready moments, things can get messy in one fell swoop. We saved the best for last - a clean bathroom feels GOOD.

Start by throwing all of your towels in the wash. Once clean, file fold them into your linen closet or wherever you store them.  

Next, scrub down your shower and/or tub. Get into the nooks and crannies of your hardware to remove stubborn water stains.

Clean your mirrors - admire yourself. 

Check all of the products that live in your bathroom space: cleaning products, makeup, hygiene products etc. Throw away what you no longer use, and what you no longer should be using because it’s old. 

Check your vents to make sure they’re working properly and then clean away the dust that collects there.

Last but not least, clean your baseboards and wash your floors!

Take a bath, you deserve it!

Congratulations! By now, you’ve cleaned your house head to toe and are ready to welcome in the Springtime with welcome arms. We love Spring here at Life In Jeneral because it signifies exciting new beginnings and fresh inspiration. Fall in love with your space again by taking the time to show it some care. You and everyone who walks into your home will be better for it.