3 Underrated Spaces in Your Kitchen (And How to Bring Them to Life)

When you purchase a house, the goal is to always make it a home. Every space serves a purpose, while the items in that space help to serve that purpose. The heart of your home will vary depending on your lifestyle. When you’re the chef of the family, or dinners with loved ones around the table are the highlight of your week, the kitchen will be at the center of all that you do. What this means is that you come alive when you’re in this space in your home. Your kitchen should reflect that love and care that you put into the memories that you make in it.

simplehuman kitchen

Today, we’re addressing some of the more underrated parts of this space, and how a few simple additions can help bring them to life. We recently partnered with simplehuman and their products do just that, while also helping you streamline your home.

simplehuman is a home product line that is designed with you and efficient living in mind. The idea behind their products is that day to day living has room for improvement, and we wholeheartedly agree. We love nothing more than to transform our clients lives by way of organizing and simplifying their home systems. Breathe new life into your kitchen with the help of some of our favorite simplehuman products below.

Sink Space

In many homes, sink space is limited. Sponges and drain plugs can look unorganized, even when they’re in their home because of the limited space. Save precious real estate by your sink with the stainless steel sink caddy. It keeps your sink area neat and everything you need within easy reach.

Speaking of washing dishes and sink space, a functional dish rack is a must. The simplehuman steel frame dish rack is not only a beautiful addition to your kitchen space, but it was designed with purpose. It drains quickly and neatly, and most importantly, has a swivel spout to drain into the sink no matter how you position it. Puddles, water-spots, and residue no more!

Washing dishes can get messy. When it comes time to wash the mess off your hands, the last thing you want to do is grab at the soap. Enter their liquid sensor pump. Just hold out your hand and a dab of soap instantly appears. Easy, quick and simple (not to mention fun)! 

If cooking dinner brings you joy, you’ll be spending a lot of time at the sink. The less fun part of cooking can be cleaning up, but it doesn’t have to be a drag. Equip your wash area with these simplehuman additions to add more excitement into an otherwise mundane task.

The Trash Area

Gone are the days of overlooking this semi gross, but necessary area. Trash is a part of life and it’s time to embrace loving the act of throwing things away.. especially if it’s something we do multiple times a day. Enter the trash can that you can talk to.

Not only is the simplehuman sensor trash can a sleek and beautiful addition to your kitchen, it offers a quicker, cleaner and more effortless way to deal with something not so beautiful. With the sensor trash cans, you can choose for it to open with the wave of your hand or, wait for it.. the sound of your voice! What?! Who knew a trash can could be your favorite household item?

An added bonus? simplehuman also sells custom fit trash liners that stay snug and hidden beneath the lid and are also extra durable so there are no rips or tears when it’s time to take out the trash. 

Cabinet Space

The golden nugget of the kitchen has to be cabinet storage. Hard to reach cabinet space is a problem that plagues every home owner but the simplehuman pull-out cabinet organizer is a game changer in helping to solve this problem. It’s easy to install and helps maintain your products in an organized fashion. Not to mention, the heavy-gauge steel holds up to 20 lbs. making it the perfect spot for all of your cleaning products, reducing under the sink space clutter. Be strategic in the pursuit of well organized cabinet space, as the systems you put into place will make all the difference when you’re in the flow.

The results of organizing your home far exceed simply having a clean space. They include an increased level of happiness and ease of living. You become more in tune with the systems that you have in place, and items that no longer serve you are easier to part with. When it comes time to breathing life into your home and your organization process, you want the products you fill your home with to serve purpose and to bring you joy. These kitchen products from simplehuman are guaranteed to add purpose and joy for years to come.