Container Store Spotlight: 10 Products We Use the Most

OXO Airtight Containers:

Truly the MVP of the pantry, these containers transform your space by adding uniformity to your shelves. Perfect for cereals, pasta, flours etc. and with the airtight function, keep your food fresher for longer. Pro tip: If you’re putting food that needs instructions for cooking, cut them out and paste them to the container or create an index that you can reference when it comes time.

Montauk Bins:

Where function meets design.. these boxes help keep your items contained while offering a cozy look. They work great all over the house, including but not limited to the pantry, the linen closet, the bedroom closet, the bathroom and the playroom.

Drawer Organizers:

Drawers without organizers are so 2017. Providing function above all else, these drawer organizers give all of the smaller items a home. Pro tip: Take your ‘junk drawer’ and make it a ‘joy drawer’ by taking everything out, purge what you haven’t used within the last 6-12 months, categorize and then purchase organizers for the categories you create. No more rummaging through your drawer to find a pair of batteries for the dead TV remote. Anyone else?

Clear Weathertight Totes:

If weather plays a part in what you store in your garage, then these containers are your solution. They protect against moisture, pests, dirt and dust. With different sizes, they’re great for whatever your storage needs are.

Spice liners & containers:

If you do one thing for your kitchen this year, take a look at your spices. Did you know spices expire? Go through them and get rid of any that you don’t use or that are expired. Consider decanting them into uniform spice containers that you can alphabetize. These spice liners are great for organizing them into a drawer, where they can face upwards and are easily accessible.

Clear Shoe Boxes:

These boxes can be used to organize so much more than shoes. Use them to organize your first aid items, your makeup, arts and crafts, The possibilities are endless!

Drawer Dividers:

When space is a commodity, these are great to break up your drawers and give you more sections. Use them to separate undergarments or if you find your file folding won’t stay put, these help create a tighter space for them. Bonus, they’re expandable!

Lazy Susan:

The underdog organizational item that has been around for decades! These can be used in the pantry to give you access to all of your oils and sauces under the sink to separate your dishwashing pods, sponges and cleaning supplies! Whether you prefer the original lazy susan or a divided one, you can’t go wrong.

Utility Track & Accessories:

The utility track is gold when it comes to giving you back your floorspace. We love to set them up in the garage with different hooks and accessories to hold things like strollers, bikes, sports gear, cleaning accessories.. the question is, what doesn’t this hold!? It’s so easy to access and gives those items a more purposeful (organized) home.

Elfa Drawer Unit:

Saved the best for last.. The Elfa Drawer Unit is by far one of our highest recommendations when it comes to getting your home in order. It functions in every room of the house whether it’s in the office helping organize your supplies and paper, in the bedroom separating your underwear from your socks or in the kitchen keeping your napkins file folded and your cooking utensils organized. Add in drawer organizers and dividers and you have a powerhouse. The unit is worth a little bit of a splurge because it delivers tenfold what it’s worth!