5 Tips for Summer Garage Organization with Laura Iz


Summer of love.. Summer of travel.. Or maybe.. Summer of Garage Organization?

We think so. Listen, we understand that sometimes it may feel like there’s never a PERFECT time to tackle that bigger project that you’ve been putting off. Over time, out of sight, out of mind seems like a pretty good deal until it’s time to face the music. The garage can be a source of a lot of stress for many of our clients and it’s mostly because it’s easy to just toss things around and deal with it later. In this post, we’re sharing a few tips and tricks to ease some of your doubts about the dreaded garage. We recently re-organized Laura Iz’s garage, and she can tell you firsthand how life-changing it is and how she wished she had done it sooner. There is no better time than the present. Now, let’s get organizing!

Laura Iz Garage Organization - Life in Jeneral Tips

Laura Iz Garage Organization - Life in Jeneral Tips


1. The use of vertical space: Utility tracks are your best friend.

If your garage has four walls and a ceiling, then we’re willing to bet there is vertical space that is being wasted. ALL. THE. THINGS. Can be hung from the wall if you add a trusted utility track. This includes but is not limited to: strollers, vacuums, mops, sports gear, bags.. The list goes on. Not to mention, there are a plethora of different hooks and pegs that can be added to make whatever you’re dealing with work.

2. Add a slate wall and/or shelving to extend your vertical space

Should utility tracks not satisfy your need for more space, maybe a slate wall or shelving would suit you better. A slate wall is basically a wall of possibilities. They’re endless. Also with its own arsenal of additions, this powerhouse space converter is one we can’t recommend enough. Hanging things not your jam? SHELVING! We have our very own custom cabinet makers that come in and make dreams come true. After taking inventory of what needs to be organized into WHERE, it’s time to design. Straight and simple. Permanence isn’t always the answer though, and you need something quick and cheap and, well, doesn’t put holes in the wall.. which leads us to..

3. The addition of metal shelving: Great for bulky boxes

If your garage didn’t come with built in shelving or cabinets, not to worry, portable metal shelving is BASICALLY a gift from above and we’re always adding them into homes if space permits. They hold everything from snowboards to suitcases but as part of our organization process we love to add air-tight boxes to keep smaller items contained. Which leads us to our next powerhouse organizational tool..

4. Clearly labeled boxes: Easy for inventory knowledge

LABELING. Imagine.. Looking at a wall of boxes and being able to discern every item within those beautiful for walls. We know, it’s a bit hard at the moment, but if you need some inspo, take a look at how we set up labeled boxes to fit Laura’s lifestyle and simplify her life in a way that would work for her family.

5. Ceiling Storage

One area of the garage that can sometimes be overlooked is the ceiling. Exposed beams or tracks can be your best friend when it comes to getting things up and out of the way.. Literally. This can be a space that you built out for extra room or use what you have available. Just don’t rule it out.

6. Containment

What matters most when it comes to any organizing is CONTAINMENT. Everything has a home and making those homes smaller leads to you having an easier time putting things back. Add sections to drawers for the smaller bulk items, put all laundry related items in a sliding basket and organize old photos by year, into boxes marked by said year, into a bigger box marked with photos. The simplicity is astounding, but the change is even bigger.


Life in Jeneral Team Organizing Laura Iz's Garage

Life in Jeneral Team Organizing Laura Iz's Garage

Summer Garage Organization Tips

Summer Garage Organization Tips

Tips for organizing your garage with Life in Jeneral

Tips for organizing your garage with Life in Jeneral

See more before and after photos of Laura's garage on her blog: Laura IZ


Whatever you’re working with, we hear all the time how overwhelming it can be to start. Reorganizing an entire area is no joke, but it’s also necessary to do it all at once so that you don’t get caught in the vicious circle of organizing one area, only to have to continue on to the next one years from now. Take everything out, deem it valuable enough to stay in your life or PURGE it, and then organize by category while you have everything out in the open. Only then will you know what you have and what organizing items are needed to pull it all together. We believe in you. We’re here for you. And we think you’re going to feel a WHOLE lot better on the other side. You got this!


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