Client Spotlight: iJustine


Electronics in the kitchen, kitchenware in the office. This sentence about sums up how Justine felt about the condition of her house before we came in and did an entire overhaul. Keep scrolling to watch the before + after and read all about the transformation!


What’s your vision?

We sat down with Justine before beginning the process to figure out the flow of her home and what she was looking for. This is important, even when you are organizing on your own, so that you can take into consideration where you are and where you want to be.

Full closet build out

The biggest thing Justine had a problem with was a room in her house that hadn’t been used for any specific purpose. She had used it as a drop zone for any items that didn’t belong somewhere specific, which had added up over time to be a room full of clutter. To combat this problem, we decided to bring in the team from California Closets and do an entire closet build out. This made a huge difference because we were able to allocate a proper area for her tech equipment and her clothing. More on that below..

Junk drawers to Joy drawers

We found that creating order in your drawers takes them from being junk drawers to joy drawers. You know the drawers we’re talking about, that become a catchall for whatever you have in your home like batteries, pens, scissors, receipts etc. We took all of her drawers and added dividers within them. From there, we categorized everything she had within them and gave them a home. The before and afters were incredible! Even opening these drawers can put a smile on anyone’s face.

Kitchen overhaul

From baking to coffee to alcohol and snacks, it was time to create systems in Justine’s kitchen so that she minimized her time searching for what she needed. We got rid of unnecessary boxes and expired items and streamlined the look of the space with airtight storage containers and divided lazy susans. Her reaction to this room in the video speaks for itself.

Categorizing cables

Being a prominent tech expert, you’re going to have a lot of tech related items such as cables, plugs and adapters. Consider the amount you have just with a phone, camera or computer and multiple that by 10. We took everything out, matched up the cables to their counterparts and used clear boxes to organize them by category. We labeled each box to make it easy for her to find what she needed and also so that she knew where to put everything back. By creating these systems and adding a flow to her work, she’ll be more efficient and productive throughout her days.

Color coordinated closet

Justine has a very colorful and fun wardrobe, which means the impact of color coordination goes even further in her closet. We separated by category (undergarments, bathing suits, pants etc.) and then by color. There’s even a section in her closet dedicated to camouflage! File folding paid off big time in her drawers when it came to her undergarments, shirts, hats and more. We used drawer organizers to keep the areas tight and neat. We took this empty room from a place to gather clutter to a full on closet/office, something that will help Justine immensely going forward in her day to day.


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