Client Spotlight: Sophia Bush

Multi-hyphenate Sophia Bush truly does it all. She’s an actress, activist, director, and producer that takes her downtime seriously because sometimes there doesn’t seem to be any. When it became hard for her to truly enjoy being in her own home due to an overload of ‘stuff,’ she invited us in to help her out. We did a complete overhaul of her space, getting rid of the things that weighed her down and breathing new life into what remained. Whether you are in need of a big clean out or simply looking for inspiration, read on for details of how we helped Sophia feel at home again. 

sophia bush home organization


For the better part of 15 years, Sophia lived in two different homes. When she decided to permanently reside in one of them, she brought all of her belongings with her from her other space but her sentimental heart kept her from parting with anything. The first order of business was to go through every. single. item. in her home to get rid of what she had double of, old clothes, outdated paperwork, things that didn’t light her up etc. 


Sophia has a heart of gold and knows that whatever she may not use, doesn’t deem something useless. We put together multiple carloads worth of donations and she sent them off to the LGBT center in Los Angeles. Sometimes getting rid of things can seem wasteful, but if it’s taking up space in your home, it’s also taking up space in your heart. When you decide to go through your things, ask yourself if it might be better suited in someone else’s hands. It’s never a waste when what once made you happy gets another chance to do the same for someone else.  

All Systems Go

When we were left with all the things Sophia wanted to keep, it was time to figure out what systems would suit her lifestyle. Naturally, you’ll set up your routines in a way that makes sense to you, but bringing in a fresh pair of eyes is a great way to see if things could be done better. We could tell that a few tweaks could make a big difference and got to work.  

Organized AND Beautiful

From her swimsuits to her sweaters, we put together an organized system that she would be able to keep up with long after we left. A great byproduct of organizing is that often times the end result is quite beautiful. Whether it’s color coded books or jeans organized by wash color, chaos can easily be turned to beauty. 

Clear Space = Clear Mind

Our goal is to inspire our clients to live a more organized life so that they have more room for joy. We love to hear that our systems have had a positive effect and cleaning out their cluttered space also meant creating more mental space. In the end, Sophia wanted room to breathe and her house to feel like a restful home. Don’t underestimate the power of clearing out a cabinet or a space in your closet, it may inspire you to keep going. 

Room to Move

Sophia let us know that she would eventually be moving and wanted a set up that she could carry over to her new home when the time came. Knowing this beforehand helped us set her up for success in her current space while also helping to plan for the future. A closet buildout might not make sense for you if you’re moving within the year, but would be a great addition to a new home. The present moment is what matters most, but it’s always a good idea to keep in mind what might come about in the future.

Sophia wanted an organized home, but more importantly, she wanted space to breathe. With a big purge and a few tweaks to her systems, we left her feeling lighter and inspired… enough so to tackle her kitchen on her own! 

Marissa Volpicelli