Top 5 Small Space Hacks

top 5 small space hacks

Living in a small space gives you the opportunity to streamline your life. Every ounce of real estate is important and therefore everything you have in your home should be too. It’s understandable that this can be a little stress-inducing, so we’ve gathered our top 5 small space hacks below to help you make the most of your space!

Furniture That Can Multitask

When living in a small space, everything in it has to have meaning. It has to make you happy, first of all, but second most important thing it needs to be is functional. A great way to make this happen is by purchasing furniture that can multitask. Why yes, you will not be the only one doing double duty in your life. Think along the lines of bed with storage incorporated, shelving that also has hooks underneath it, a trunk that doubles as a table or even a fold up desk that doubles as more storage when folded. There really are so many opportunities to choose furniture that you love, but also help you enjoy more SPACE.

Capitalize On Vertical Space

If this isn’t the most overlooked part of your home, we don’t know what is. Whether it’s wall space or cabinet space, there is likely a part of your storage being underutilized. Add in shelf risers to your cabinet space to add another layer of shelving. Take a look at your walls. Besides decor, is there a space where it would make sense to add floating shelves or hooks? If you have mail collecting around your place, try mounting a mail organizer on the wall. A small space can be a breeding ground for creative storage solutions, you just have to work at seeing it through a different perspective.

Get Onboard With Hanging Your Things

Besides the obvious of hanging coats on hooks and clothes on hangers, think about what might make sense hanging from your ceiling or wall. In your kitchen, try hanging a fruit and vegetable basket to free up fridge and counter space. In your bedroom, try hanging your bedside table. Don’t knock it until you try it — this trick can add an element of style that people will think you decided on by choice instead of necessity. :)

Add A Mirror

Mirrors are a beautiful way to add the optical illusion of more space. Find one that sparks some joy in your life (or five, really you can never have too many). If you want to add the illusion of height in a room, buy a floor length mirror. If your walls are feeling short in width, add a long, horizontal mirror to stretch them out. Don’t overlook the benefit of mirrors in the kitchen, either. They bring light and and depth to what otherwise can seem like a cramped space when your home isn’t very large.

Utilize The Backs Of Cabinets and Doors

Another double duty item that can really add some great storage to your home is the backs of doors and cabinets. Attach a rod on the inside of your under the sink cabinet space and hang your cleaning supplies to clear up any clutter that can be normally found there. If you don’t have space for your shoes, enlist a compartmentalized shoe organizer to hang or affix to the door. Pro-tip: These organizers don’t only need to be used for shoes. These unused spaces add up to a lot of storage! We love these Elfa behind the door organizers.

More space doesn’t always mean better. A home isn’t defined by the amount of square footage you have, it’s defined by the amount of love you put into it. While these tips will help you store a few more things and feel like you have a bit more space, we also want to suggest going through your home with a new perspective. As always, purge what doesn’t bring you joy and cherish what does.

Image via Everyday Pursuits