Client Spotlight: Chriselle Lim


Beauty and lifestyle blogger Chriselle Lim knows what it’s like to lose track of the stuff accumulating in her home. Her work involves free product being sent to her, the need to keep up on new trends for her followers, and adding motherhood to that list makes her time limited. We wanted to give her a space where she could thrive and also grow into if necessary. Read on to see her closet reveal and for the steps we took to get Chriselle’s home organized!



Chriselle opted to do the purge beforehand, which is great because it gave her a better idea of what she is going to keep. She did a great job of taking inventory of what she wears and said goodbye to what she doesn’t. Overflow of comfy clothes, be gone!


A great part about purging is the possibility of making some of your money back. We have reps with buyers that help us get our clients set up with selling their clothes. Whether it’s The Real Real, Poshmark or heading to your local buyer, this is a great step as an alternative to donating like-new items.

Closet Goals

Before going to work on re-creating a room for our clients, we like to discuss with them what they’re looking for so we can set them up for success.. and more importantly, happiness. Chriselle wanted something beautiful but that didn’t lack practicality. Your wish is our command.

Shoe and Purse Storage

A big chunk of her closet went to shoe and purse storage, so it was important to make everything accessible. The shelves were deep enough to fit two pairs of shoes, so we kept similar shoes together and color coordinated them. The purses were fun to organize because of their color as well. Using acrylic clutch organizers, the purses are able to be kept upright and sectioned off for an easy grab n’ go situation.

Routine Overhaul

Before we came in, Chriselle was taking a plastic bag full of product and doing her makeup by rummaging through the bag and finding what she needed. There is a lot of time to be gained back by separating everything by category and making it easy to grab what you need. We created a space for her makeup and separated it by lipstick, foundation, blush, eyeshadow, concealer etc. Now, she’ll be able to get ready faster and enjoy the process.

Room to Grow

In every household we enter, we know that there will be changes throughout the year. You will accumulate more things or possibly have to rearrange to accommodate new routines and this is called LIFE! We try to leave a little bit of space for our clients to use when it’s needed rather than packing everything in without room for growth. When you’re organizing, remember that just because the space is there, doesn’t mean you have to use it. It will come in handy when something new arrives in your life and you need to give it a home.

We hope you enjoyed this before and after as much as we did. We loved working with Chriselle to give her a space that she could thrive in, as we do with all of our clients. If you want to see more before and after youtube videos, leave a comment below!


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