10 Home Organizing Tips to Simplify Your Life

Simplicity seems to be a luxury these days. We’re all in search for ways to keep it simple and it’s *simply* not okay to leave your house out of the equation. The best thing you can do for yourself is to start thinking about it - that’s the first step. The next step is to choose one (or all) of the options we’ve laid out below to help you simplify your home life. Are we missing anything? Let us know in the comments below!

10 Home Organizing Tips to Simplify Your Life

Create a Routine

You will read this advice over and over again and that’s because it works. When you do something so much that it becomes a routine, then you enlist your brain to start working for you rather than against you. If every morning during the week, you’re having your coffee and then working out and then getting ready, great! This is the hardest part. Now simplify your routine and have an easier time completing it. Take out your coffee cup, lay out your workout clothes and pack your lunch knowing that in the morning, your future self will thank you.

Say Goodbye to Old Habits

As they say, old habits die hard. This is because you’ve done something in a certain way for a long time and shedding the idea of not needing it any longer is hard. If simplicity is on your list of goals for the end of the year, do yourself a favor and get rid of any habit not serving you. Whether it’s a mid-afternoon coffee break or pressing snooze for the third time every morning, you deserve better.

Establish Systems

Similar to a routine, having systems in your home will help you take the guesswork out of a lot of mundane tasks. If you’re recycling, have a place to put it and then set a day when you and the family take it to be recycled. The same goes for refilling the soap dispenser or grabbing that backstock toothpaste- where does one go to get the backstock etc. When these systems are in place, it enables you to remain in a calm, cool, collected place on those days where you just don’t want to have to figure anything out - you already did the heavy lifting for yourself.

Automate Everything

Similar to the above, this will be a game changer for your household. Out of laundry detergent, toothpaste etc.? Making coffee every morning around the same time? We are lucky to live in an age where automation is possible. You can have that laundry detergent on your doorstep every third Thursday of the month if you want. Look at what you’re doing over and over again (hi, routine) and see where it might be possible to take that task completely off your to-do list, cue the automation and welcome in more time!

Get Rid of Duplicates

In many cases, we see homes with two or three (or more) of the same thing when only one is necessary. We get having a few pairs of scissors, but when you pull everything out and group like items together, if you’re staring at an entire department store worth of the same things, it’s time to purge and keep only what you need.

Give Everything A Home

Once you have only one or two of the same items, give them a home. Add the scissors to your joy drawer with the tape and writing utensils. Have a space dedicated to chargers and electronic equipment. When you’re looking for something, it will feel so good when you know just where it is.

Create a Home Calendar

Whether it’s just you or a family of four, keeping track of your schedule is something everyone can benefit from. Having a calendar in your home that you can reference every morning or night will help keep you from over booking yourself or missing an important meeting. Color coordinate and add in fun stickers to make it something you enjoy doing. We love these calendars from Erin Condren that are completely customizable to your needs.

Get More Personal

A house becomes a home because of the personal touches you add to it. Where can you get more personal in your home? Add daily notes of motivation to yourself, designate coffee cups just for you and your partner or create designated spaces by the door for the kids to grab all their things. By adding more personal touches, your day becomes a bit more meaningful.

Delegate Tasks

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re in need of some simplification. Don’t we all? The thing to know is that it doesn’t have to fall all on your shoulders. Enlist your kids to help taking out the trash, your partner to pick up milk, you name it. Whatever is on your to-do list, try and pick one or two things that you can give away to someone else. If it’s only you, try reorganizing the order that you accomplish your tasks in so that you can get two things done in one stride.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Your friend just got engaged and she’s coming over to show you the ring, a last minute birthday party has popped up on your calendar or your 5-year anniversary dinner is tonight… As the years go on, there will always be things to celebrate, so why not prepare for them ahead of time? Buy extra birthday and congratulatory cards, keep a bottle of your favorite sip in the fridge and never let a chance to celebrate pass you by again.