Life In Jeneral's Top Picks From Amazon

Amazon; a mix between danger and exhilaration knowing you can have anything you need at your doorstep in two days or less. Another thing it’s great for? Your organizing needs! Whether you’re far from stores like Target or The Container Store or prefer to shop online, we’ve rounded up our go-to Amazon products for you to get exactly what you need to organize all areas of your home. Are we missing something? Let us know in the comments below!


Shelf Divider

Keep things from overflowing on your shelves with shelf dividers. An easy way to keep your file folding in place without sacrificing aesthetics.

Stackable or Expandable Shelving

Shelf risers and expandable shelving give you something that you can’t really ever have enough of - more shelf space. An LIJ approved investment, every time.

Gift Wrap Organizer

Whether the holidays are fast approaching or you're cleaning up, a gift wrap organizer make the gift wrapping itself a breeze.

Acrylic Drawers

We love a good acrylic drawer set. They’re chic, dependable and get the job done when it comes to storing your items in a sensible way.

Pot And Pan Organizer

If you enjoy cooking and have plenty of cookware, a pot and pan rack would be a good investment for you. This one is sturdy, adjustable and can only be made into two racks if needed!

Door Rack

A wire wall or door rack is incredibly versatile because it can virtually go anywhere. We like them in the pantry or the garage to get the most use out of them.

Velvet Hangers

The #1 thing we recommend is switching out all your hangers so that they’re all the same. If we had to choose one hanger for the rest of time, velvet hangers would be the choice.

Shoe Rack

Shoe racks are game changers in the closet space and this pine wood one also delivers in style. Whatever kind you choose, if more space is your aim, these will do wonders for you.

Clear Drawer Organizers

This clear drawer organizer is small but mighty, helping to keep your drawer organized and items contained. We love using it for an office desk to put notepads and pins or a bathroom drawer for q-tips and cosmetics.

All Natural Cleaning Products

Striving to make a difference in your carbon footprint can be daunting but all it takes is the will to start. A great place is with your cleaning products. Follow a detox kit or simply replace what you have with cleaner products, better for you and the world.

White Chalk Markers

These chalk markers are great for writing on clear containers for labeling or better yet, a chalk wall!

Desk And Drawer Organizers

These clear organizers are useful either inside or outside a drawer. They come in 8 different sizes and are STACKABLE. Say no more.

Command Hooks

Command hooks offer you a practical way to hang your things without causing any damage to your home. They’re strong, versatile and the best part? No tools required.

Clear Tray

Clear trays are great for keeping items contained, but also offer a canvas to store your accessories. Add it to a doorway table to drop your keys or your bedroom to keep your sunglasses or jewelry.

Compartmentalized Lunch Box

A lunch box with compartments and fun colors and patterns?! Can we go back to school too?

Label Maker

Labeling your space is such an easy way to make your space more easily navigated. Kitchen cabinets, office space, toy room… the list goes on for where this incredibly useful machine can thrive.

Simply Spaced Book

A beginners guide to getting started on your organizing journey. Complete with inspiration and pro tips from Monica Leed.

Oxo Good Grips Airtight Storage Containers

When it come to airtight storage containers, we have a soft spot for OXO containers. They come in all different sizes, are stackable and keep your food fresh (and fresh looking..). You can never have too many.

Cotton Linen Storage Baskets

Waterproof and foldable, these storage baskets are great for keeping things CLEAN. Keep dust off your linens or store important items that you want to last inside these versatile baskets.

Drawer Organizers 

A great way to take advantage of vertical space. Use them for shoes in the closet, toiletries in the bathroom or spices, sauces etc in the pantry!

Over The Door Organizer With Large Pockets

These over the door organizers come with deep pockets, making them perfect for a snack section in your pantry or toy storage in the playroom. Bonus points for coming in different patterns!

Hair Tool Organizer 

Wires and clusters of hair tools, be gone! Perfect to keep on the cabinet beneath the sink or mounted on the bathroom wall.

Cabinet Organizer

If you struggle with deep cabinets or are looking for a practical way to contain your items, these stackable cabinet organizers will do just the trick.

Tupperware Organizer

Is there anything worse than dealing with a mountain of Tupperware lids and fighting through to find the right one? We often get asked for Tupperware organization solutions and this is a great example. By organizing your lids, you no longer have to go on a scavenger hunt in your drawers/cabinets.

Marissa Volpicelli