Meet Our Fave Multi-tasking Product: Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan

We’re not positive where this organizing powerhouse got its name from, but the Lazy Susan is anything but lazy.

This product is a staple among our clients and we love introducing new and improved ways for them to be used. Below we’re highlighting 3 places they thrive and 1 place you may not have thought of. Let us know if you have any creative ways that you use a Lazy Susan in the comments below!

Under The Kitchen Sink

Cleaning products, trash bags, dish towels… the list goes on for things that could fit under your sink which means it’s also a breeding ground for clutter. By utilizing a heavy duty Lazy Susan, you can keep things in reach, while also keeping them organized.

In The Pantry

Arguably the MVP of the pantry, the Lazy Susan can give you much needed access to whatever cuisine you may need; pasta sauce, olive oils, spices, baking needs - YOU NAME IT! Not blessed with a pantry space? Have no fear, they make Cabinet Lazy Susan’s that could potentially change the way you look at those dreaded corner cabinets.

In The Laundry Room

A divided Lazy Susan is one thing that will most definitely make laundry day less stressful. Clothes pins in one section, laundry detergent pods in another and dryer sheets, all organized in a spinning wheel of cleanliness. Yeah, we just renamed the Lazy Susan and we think it gives this item the credit that it deserves. You heard it here first.

As for the way you can use it that you may not have thought of?

As a Serving Platter

Have you ever been to a dinner party or a family meal where you have shared plates? You may know the dreaded feeling of having to ask a million times for your favorite dish to be passed over before it runs out. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Instead, add everything to a pretty Lazy Susan and call it a day. Also suggested for a nice charcuterie board. Thank us later.