Dorm Room 101

For students and parents alike, moving to college is a BIG DEAL! First off, take a deep breath. This is a very exciting time and will fly by if you don’t take the time to enjoy it. We’ve been getting so many messages about the best way to organize a dorm room and with the school year fast approaching, we’re here to help! The key to feeling like there’s less clutter in your room is giving everything a proper home. This way, you’ll know exactly where to put everything back when the time comes. Read on for some more of our best dorm room organizing tips and ideas for dorm room bliss!

image via  Dormify

image via Dormify

Capitalize on multitasking organization

If there’s one place that multitasking is encouraged, it’s with your organizing products in your dorm room. We love a sectioned bookshelf that can hold baskets, shoes, hair tools - you name it! Seating that doubles as a laundry basket, sectioned desk organizers, and beds that have storage underneath. I mean, what are you going to do with all that extra space?!

Buy only what you need

When you move into a dorm room, this is not the time to focus on the entertainer inside of you. Buy enough plates, silverware, pillows, towels etc. for ONE. Less is more and you’ll be grateful that you have exactly what you need, when you need it and nothing more. You’ll find a few places offer dorm room bundles where you can choose your ideal aesthetic and buy everything you need with just one click. Keep in mind, these are things you will likely grow out of. It’s important for you to love what you have, but know that you’ll likely be donating them within 2-4 years. This helps take some stress out of the equation!

Don’t forget about vertical space!

Every inch of your room counts, including your vertical space. Hang towel hooks on the back of your closet door, organizing centers on your wall and jewelry organizers on the side of your shelving. Leave no space untouched!

Divide and conquer

There is more space to be had in your drawers and it happens by using drawer dividers. Add in a few to the drawers in the furniture they provide and file fold your clothes into them for maximum space. Have cabinets? Add shelf risers to take advantage of the vertical space you may otherwise be losing out on.

The dorm experience is so fun and a great chance to get to know your personal style. Whether you prefer your decor mixed and matched or all monochrome, celebrate yourself by choosing only what lights you up! Find a few of our favorite organizing items for the dorm room below and we’d love to hear what helped make your dorm feel more like home in the comments!

Marissa Volpicelli