Our Favorite Items Under $25!

best organizing products under $25

There are a lot of positives when it comes to organizing. You free up physical and mental space, you feel less stressed, and you help to streamline a routine that works just for YOU! When it comes down to it, there really isn’t anything holding you back, because it’s something you can do with what is at your disposal. However, there are so many products on the market that can elevate your organization to a new level, and when you can, it’s nice to treat yourself! If you’re on a budget, or just trying to make a few small changes, here is a list of some of our tried and true organizing products, all for under $25!

3 Tiered Spice Rack - Target - $20

Nothing spices up a kitchen more than a chic spice rack. Whether you keep the original packaging or decant your spices into uniform bottles, this bamboo spice rack will help to keep them organized and in plain view. 

Wicker Milk Crate - Target - $23

This rustic, durable wicker milk crate can fit into almost any room in your home. Store household items like toys, books, or supplies. An organizing item that will help keep your things contained in a beautiful, functional way.  

DYMO Label Maker - Target - $18

Who doesn’t love a good labeling session!? There are so many different ways that you can categorize items in your home. When you organize and contain things, it helps to add a label to wherever your items end up. In the pantry, the fridge, the bathroom, the office.. pretty much anywhere and everywhere. 

Tasseled Storage Basket - Anthropologie - $22

In our humble opinion, there is never a bad place for tassels. Perfect for a kids room to organize toys or clothing (like socks!) or in your bathroom as a catchall for your laundry. Be prepared, you will be asked where you made this purchase with every guest you have over. 

Produce Bags s/5 - Crate & Barrel - $12

An organized trip to the grocery store - we can all dream! These bags, however, make that dream closer to becoming a reality. Plus, they’re reusable, so major bonus points for being environmentally friendly. Place them straight into your fridge after your shopping trip and you go from an organized shopping experience straight to an organized fridge. 

Makeup Organizer - Amazon - $13

Acrylic is so versatile because it can go with any type of decor you have. This makeup organizer is perfect for all of your brushes and blushes, but it’s also great for jewelry, office supplies and pretty much anything that you need organized. 

Glass & Cork Storage Jar - Urban Outfitters - $23

Multi-purpose storage jars are something you'll need through every season of life. These beauties are equipped with thermal insulation, and are water-tight and air-tight. Store your food without having to worry about it going to waste or pop them on your bathroom counter for a decorative way to display q-tips and cotton balls!

Bamboo Utensil Organizer - Walmart - $13

This bamboo utensil organizer has the option to expand, which means it can live on in your kitchens, move after move. Your cutlery and kitchen utensils will be kept orderly and your kitchen drawers will look like you put a lot of effort into making them look good. No one will know how effortless it really was. 

Felt Storage Caddy - Wayfair - $17

This felt storage caddy is an essential item in any home with little ones. It’s soft, easily washable, and, best of all, there are sections. A place for books, toys, diapers, wipes, and whatever else on the long list of items your baby needs. Collapse it when it’s not in use and cut down on clutter with this powerhouse, efficient caddy. 

Mesh Open Storage Basket - Wayfair - $19

A simple and practical item to help contain any items in your home. The mesh frame allows you to see what’s inside without having to take anything out and handles make it easy for you to store. From cleaning supplies to toys, these are meant to be used all throughout the house. 

Stasher Bags - The Container Store - $10-12

An eco-friendly way to organize food and small items. Keep cut up fruit contained in your fridge or throw in your car snacks to keep inside your bag. There is nothing that doesn’t make sense when it comes to using these bags as storage. 

Linen Drawer Dividers - The Container Store - $15-20

Underwear, ties, bras, and socks all deserve your tender love and care. These dividers are the perfect organizing item to drop into your drawers for a structured, tidy way to store your under garments and never have to worry about misplacing your favorite pair of socks again. 

Clear Expandable Drawer Dividers - The Container Store - $20

Whether you’re looking to break up a large drawer into smaller, more manageable sections or keep your file folding more snug, any drawer can benefit from a drawer divider. 

Clear Stackable Sweater Drawer - The Container Store - $25

One of the more popular items when it comes to products we love to use. These are so versatile! They can be stacked on top of each other or used separately on a shelf. Stack them to create a tidy way to display your shoes or place them on shelving within your closet to keep your sweaters in a neat and structured space.

Acrylic Risers - The Container Store - $4-9

Everyone can benefit from more storage space. A lot of times, shelving can be limiting in that vertical space is lost. You can gain it allll back with the lovely addition of some risers. In your medicine cabinet, your pantry, underneath your sink.. genuinely anywhere that you want to take advantage of the vertical space you have available. With them being made from acrylic, you can put them in plain sight as well! 

Have a favorite organizing product of your own that is under $25? We’d love to hear about it! Let us know what you’re working with in the comments below. Happy organizing!