How to Avoid the Sunday Scaries

Sunday (hopefully) marks a day of rest between the end of the weekend and the beginning of the week. It’s a day some use for complete rejuvenation or one where to-do lists and chores are tackled to prepare for the week. Whichever end of the spectrum you’re on, you may not be exempt from the ‘Sunday Scaries.’ This is known as the feeling of dread that happens when you know tomorrow is Monday. While we think it’s worth reworking your idea of your Monday (more help with this later), a great place to start is learning to tidy up during the week. Read on for a few of our tips and tricks on how.

how to organize everyday by life in jeneral

You’ve Got Mail

With mail coming in every day, it’s easy to let it pile up. Between credit card offers and discount mailers, the mole hill turns into a mountain. Decide to tackle mail right when it comes in. This way, it’s no longer on your to-do list and things get taken care of a lot sooner. The times when you open a piece of mail and realize your deadline to handle something is a day away are OVER. #LIJTip: Create a mail zone by placing an organizer near the door or in the office. Recycle anything you don’t need to handle and open and categorize the ones that you do. Warning this system might just save you money.

Empty the [insert container here]

Trash. Recycle bin. Dishwasher. Fridge. The truth is, these containers will have to be taken care of for the rest. of. your. life. Putting them off day after day is only adding clutter to your mind, when you could be ridding yourself of both home clutter and mental clutter once you take care of them. When they fill up, clear them out. We also love to delegate this job to someone in the household. Whether your 5 years old job is to bring all trash cans to the back door for you to take out or you roommate empties the dishwasher and you load it. This will allow you to have those few extra minutes on Sunday to relax.

Backstock For Days

Having an area for backstock has a way of making you feel like you’re prepared for anything - a last minute party, the week ahead etc. The key to having this area work in your favor is keeping it stocked. Throughout the week, take a peak at what you’re running low on and the next time you find yourself at the store, pick it up. By doing this throughout the week, you save yourself the dread of heading to the store on the weekend and trying to run around preparing for the week ahead - spoiler alert: you already are prepared!

Avoid ‘The Chair’

The chair, synonymous with an unrealistic safety blanket wherein it helps you believe that if it’s off the floor, then it’s clean. Unfortunately, we’re here to tell you that placing items in an organized way outside of where they belong is in fact, not organized. It’s a procrastinated form of disorganization. We apologize for being the bearer of bad news, BUT we’re also here to tell you that the sooner you tackle this habit, the more tidy you will feel. When you take your clothes off after a long day, either put them back where you found them or organize them into the laundry. This will keep you from having to do those large room cleanups weekly. Instead, you’ll only be spending 2 minutes a night putting things away. We think that’s a pretty good trade off, don’t you?

Tell us your trips and tricks to avoid the Sunday scaries!